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Key Features & Benefits of Membership at 1TrafficExchange.com

best free ad exchange 1. Earn Free Advertising
Earn points for being an active member by viewing other members sites. Credits are earned by clicking on Text Ads, Html Ads, Banners, Traffic Links , Solo Email Ads and for Referring other members.

best free ad exchange 2. Downline Builder
Utilize Our Special Downline Builder with the Hottest Traffic Generating, List Building and Income Producing Programs Online! Simply Add your Affiliate Link for your referrals to signup too!

best free ad exchange 3. Link Cloaker Tool
Every Member has Access to our
Built in Link Cloaking Tool that converts your messy affiliate links into clean click-friendly links. It also virally spreads your 1TrafficExchange Affiliate Link to build your referrals!

best free ad exchange 4. Tracking Statistics
Link, Banner and Email Ad tracking plus full statistics are available for all of your advertising campaigns within the members area.

best free ad exchange 5. Guaranteed Traffic
The '1TrafficExchange' System Generates Guaranteed Visitors to your advertising links!

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best free ad exchange 6. Email Advertising
Send solo ads via email to every member of our site! Very effective advertising as members earn points for visiting your site.

best free ad exchange 7. Affiliate Program Promotion
Add links to your 3 favorite money making affiliate programs that get viewed by your referred site members!

best free ad exchange 8. Emailing Referrals
Through 1TrafficExchange.com you can Email your referred members once a week. If you Signup to each of the Recommend Traffic Builders you will be able to email your downlines everyday!

best free ad exchange 9. Advertising Points
Spend your earned points on any advertising that you like. You only get points deducted from your account when members view your website, or you can trade points for more advertising!

best free ad exchange 10. Receiving Emails
You will currently receive no more than (10-30) credit based emails a day! Unlike other list builders and Ad Exchanges where you can sometimes get 20-100 emails a day!

best free ad exchange 11. Additional Points
You will receive additional points every time a referral of yours logs in to 1TrafficExchange. It's our way of rewarding you for sponsoring other new members! So remember that every time a sponsored member logs in, you get points added to your account to use!

best free ad exchange 12. Earn From Every Advertising Purchase
You earn a percentage from every dollar your referral spends at 1TrafficExchange! It pays to Sponsor others into our system!

We offer 3 membership levels!
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Solo ads Free Signup

1000 points on joining

15 points for every text ad read

25 points for every html ad read

15 points for every banner clicked

20 points for every hotlink ad clicked

.005 commissions for every paid to click ad read

40 points for every traffic link clicked

50 points for every bottom navigation link clicked

100 points for every solo ad click

550 points for every admin ad clicked

Post 5 text ads per day

Post 1 html ads per day

Save 2 text ads

Save 2 html ads

Save 21 solo ads

Have 3 links in the Viral Link Cloaker

100 points for every referral

10 points when a referral logs in

When a referrer earns points you earn 1 percent in points

$0.01 for every pro member referred

$0.01 for every JV Member referred

$2.00 for every SUPER JV Member referred

Price: FREE

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